Snap Gauges

We offer the best quality Snap Gauges in the market. The Plain Snap Gauges offered by us include MSP offers Single Ended and Double Ended Snap Gauges in Steel and Carbide. We also have the option for choosing the template length and grove diameter of Snap Gauge as per the requirement.

Material : Steel, Carbide


  • 3mm To 100mm in carbide
  • 1mm To 300mm in Steel etc.

We offer two Types of Range

Adjustable Snap Gauges : Range : From 0-150mm. Body of gauge is graded cast iron. Block anvils & adjustable anvils are manufactured from graded steel. Various steps of range are from 0-6 mm, 6-13 mm, 13- 19 mm, 19-25 mm, 25-32 mm, 32-38 mm, 38-44 mm, 44 - 51 mm, 51-57 mm, 57-63 mm, 63-70 mm, 70-76 mm, 76-82 mm, 82-89 mm, 89-95 mm, 95-101 mm, 101-108 mm, 108-114 mm, 114-120 mm, 120-127 mm, 127-133 mm, 133-139 mm, 139-146 mm, 146-152 mm.

Dial Snap Gauges : Range : From 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm & 75mm to 100mm. The body of the dial snap gauge is manufactured in graded aluminum casting, which ensures the light weight & handy frame. Measuring spindle & anvil spindle are manufactured out of graded steel. These spindles are hardened & ground including screw threads. Carbide ground & lapped tip of measuring faces ensures the maximum wear resistance. The lever is provided for lifting of the movable anvil for easy insertion of the job. The constant measuring force, which is result of built in spring, eliminates the personal error in checking. These dial snap gauges are very useful in measuring precise diameters, thicknesses, lengths, grooves, gear tooth width, PCD of gears with inter changeable anvils.

*As per customer design can be supplied.

*Template length & grove diameter checking snap gauge is also available.